Dmitry Baimuratov

I write technical content for blockchain and Web3 companies.

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Powered by Happiness

Happiness is the life's ROI, not money. If you're happy, you have won. If you're happy, you bring more fun, joy, and positivity to your work and everyone around you. Happiness is always top 1 on my list, so you know who you're dealing with upfront : )

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Built With Flexibility

I believe a person should learn new skills and try new professions frequently. One should be open to new possibilities and pursue novel passions to express the full creative spectrum of this life. We live only once, thus trying more is a natural human desire.

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Open for Bigger Discoveries

I am a big fan of remote work and individual lifestyle. Limitations only kill productivity and fun, not increase it. The ultimate goal is work satisfaction, collaboration, and meaningful contribution. Work for work’s sake is a dangerous path to choose.