You live just once, you know about that?
If not, it’s time to realize and just accept it.
I’m telling this for you because of weird thing inside my head
It makes me crazy when I’m going into bad.

I think we all are here for a reason
Which I suppose is different as the seasons.
Somebody wants to be a movie star
Yet other person wants just smoke cigar.
Whatever is the thing for you
It has to be so absolutely true
That when you know precisely what you want
You go and get it just because of awesome thought.

You know, and when you get it, it’s the hardest part
To feel so grateful that you won’t become apart.
You have to love it, and adore
Appreciation must be opened as a door.
Because if you achieve some stuff
And you don’t keep it in your soul
You will be empty overall.

So please make sure you do know what you want
Then go and make it happened, just no matter what.
And lastly, most importantly
And probably accordingly.
Appreciate yourself, and those who made you who you are
They’ve changed you in this road so far.
Thus, be a human, be respectful.
You never know who will be next to you when you’re not grateful.

Created: Oct, 2015