The Art of Living

I have belief that life is art
I want to open and to touch your heart.
I want to look into your eyes directly
And say, live fully, yeah, exactly.

Live life so juicy and with full abundance
Live in a way that will just move you towards
Your vision, your ideal style
Create your own through mind and desire.

And don't believe it will be easy
There will be struggles, hardships, and it's often crazy.
But be okay with them, accept.
Prepare, the others won't expect.

And don't you try to hide from them
They will detect and give your pain.
Instead, allow them to make happened
They will present to you a vital lesson.

Besides, have you let universe to know
What is your short and long-term goal?
If not, it's time for you to realise
That universe will help you if you ask.

But ask specifically, with some details
Then just let go, and wait your sails.
So when they come, it is your chance
Just take it and enjoy your dance.

And how you dance, it's also your agreement:
It's either love or fear. Sorry for that but options have a limit.
Choose love and make your life as party
Let go of fear, it is not the greatest buddy.

For me to live is to have meaning
To spend the time on deepest feeling.
To love, respect and honor others
They need, deserve and simply want this.

If you bring joy into the table
If you show up, and make the fun enabled
If you can choose to have that freedom
Then, I suppose, you've mastered art of living.

Created: Nov, 2015