In days when we have thousands of distractions
It’s hard to maintain the interaction
Between two people who are having fun
Who wants to have relationship of number one.

However in the age of modern era
We have addiction of the 80th level.
In times when we are having simple lunch
We tend to check our phone as sponge.

We can’t have normal conversation
That lasts at least 5 minutes of duration.
We cannot focus pretty much
We are afraid of losing touch
With our smartphone that is waiting
For you to feel that precious craving:
To check, to scroll, to swipe, to click.
The action has to be so quick
That partner you’re speaking with
Won’t even notice how you breeze.

Hence, when you do the things like that
You lose a little bit respect
From person that I think still matters
For you, your life, and other factors.

So when you are around people
Make sure you just forget about Twitter
Or that you have your phone at all
Come back to life, be human overall.

No, I don’t tell that phone is bad.
I only tell the truth that is so sad
To looking through a big cafe
And having just no words to say
Because a couple who supposed to talk
Are looking at displays that block
The magic that could happen but it didn’t
The two of them have lost the time that is so vital for the spirit.

I’m not against the phone at all
I am against that immense wall
That separates us from a life that is terrific
A place with God’s Life’s Golden Ticket.

A place where we can give attention
To people who deserve it, cause it is essential
For having time that is magnificent
A time for playing on emotion’s instrument.
The instrument that will connect us back together
We probably forgot how people can produce a pleasure.

Created: Oct, 2015