There is a word that is profound
It changes everything around.
This word can shift your life dramatically
It can shape destiny and your identity.

The word is CHOICE, as simple as it sounds
However it has meaning that astounds.
You know, you have a choice to live, to matter
To take your life and make it better.

In every single situation
You have a choice that is an indication
That we are conscious human beings.
We can make a decision not just based on feelings.

A Love is choice that is respectful.
We can regret or be forever grateful
For that ability to have somebody
Who can transform our life and make it similar to honey.

A Happiness is also your big choice
Yeah, you can hear it in my weird voice.
I found that you can’t just simply hope
To be a happy person in this globe.
You have to choose to be that awesome
To be magnificent, alive, to blossom.

You have a choice to be a person that you want
You are unique in this entire world.
You can make choices in this second
They may create a life of super legend.

You can make choice to trust or maybe to protect
To hate somebody or instead connect.
You can choose your life’s purpose by yourself
Or you can put your life in someone’s hand.

You have a choice to be a better parent
A better spouse, a better friend or somebody apparent.
You can make choice to work with passion
Or probably to change profession.

See, choices have a real power:
They can suppress you or lift higher.
The only thing that is completely true
Is that each choice is always up to you.

Besides, the life that you experience right now
Is a reflection of your choices that you’ve made so far.
So if you are not satisfied
Make better choices, and the best – to start inside.

Created: Nov, 2015