We are afraid today more than a lot
We choose to stay beneath our spot.
We are so unbelievably protected
From things that make us happy and connected.

We are afraid of speaking up
We know we’ll do the things that are not right.
We think that others will reject
Because you’ll make the job they don’t expect.

You think you just don’t wanna try
Let’s take a breath but don’t you lie.
And please don’t think you will be awkward
Enjoy what life for you has offered.

To be afraid is state of weakness
We better deal with it, before it eats us.
A fear is now a huge repellent
From mastering the skills and opening the talent.

We are afraid of doing what we eager deep inside
Because a fear is a thief applied.
A guy who wanna feel emotion’s comfort
Who wants to sleep when you’re moving toward
The passion, love, the freedom of the choice
That could’ve change your life but you ignore that voice.

The voice that helps you to commit
To do what others don’t, because they quit.
The voice that has a real power
But only when you will be higher.

We use the fear as a weapon
In order to defeat from lesson –
We live OKAY, the life is good enough
However, we could get a level up.
The level that is different from the current
It’s just terrific, and it’s not transparent.

You can do there pretty everything want
It all depends on size of letters in your font.
The font of life that measures action
That you will take or maybe switch direction
To road with the path of safety
That probably was your life lately.

In this way saying, time to wrap it up
The choice is pretty hard, it is so tough.
We can stay at the same stage of resistance
Or we can change our mind and use our heart’s assistance.

Created: Nov, 2015