First Kiss

There was this moment when I paused
I looked at things from different angle.
I tried to make myself composed
But she was staying as an angel.

I made first step, then second, third
A body started to get nervous.
I thought that she deserved it, she has earned
To being loved and be a little wordless.

By staying close enough to her
My heart was beating like a monster.
This act was pretty amateur
But thanks to God it lasted longer.

I took her hand
And said "don't worry".
She smiled me back
And kissed me slowly.

Emotions that I felt that moment
Were rather new for me to comprehend.
I haven't had such great component
I guess my soul began transcend.

I found life can be composed of pleasures
Of simple things from daily life.
But kissing girl is far more precious
Especially if that's first time.

Created: Nov, 2016