The stuff became to own us in a way
That we look crazy, not okay.
We tend to choose the best of modern
We have to buy it, just to feel quite normal.

The last iPhone, the watch that's talking
New pair of sneakers, Adidas that's rocking
A car that's driving by itself
A tablet that is lying on a shelf.

A huge TV that is so smart
That soon you’ll have an artificial heart.
The apps that you can touch and swipe
The games that kill your time and make you like a pipe.
And so much more that will exist
You will be hang with it, just make a list.

However this is not a real life
It is so primitive like table knife.
So make your time diverse like magic
Try make new skills but please don’t panic.
Hangout with friends, with those you love
Because a life is when you are ALIVE.

Stuff has to be, it is its purpose
Just buy the only one that is not worthless.
Before you buy that priceless thing
Concern that you’re not a king.
You may not use that stuff so much
So why to spend a cash on such?

Created: Oct 16, 2015