We use our time the way that hurts
We kill it, even when we choose some shirts.
We often tell that time is money
But that’s so true, you know that, buddy.

We use our time to read those posts
The messages that represent a random set of words.
You can’t read all that crazy information
It will be endless, and its not a big sensation.
We checking in so f***ing much,
That brain responds to us as such:

You know, believe me, I don’t care
You wanna shock me, but it is unfair.
I want to know the stuff that really matters
I want to live a life of independence.
I want to choose the things that I deserve
That you will never, never, ever know.

Well, it’s enough debate for brain
But let’s return to deepest pain.
The TIME that we so hardly see
It has a value more than simple sea.

We often give so much attention
To guys that pull us down, and get so much prevention
From things that we have deep inside our souls.
They keep our time, instead of having goals.

But you don’t have to be like that
You have to tell them – I reject.
I have my dream, I am persistent
And if you don’t, please take a little distance
Unless your dream related to the thing
That I appreciate and I can give.

Besides, we have the time that truly equals
But here is a deal, there is a difference
Between the skills of life and just existence.

Created: Oct 16, 2015