Unique Way

Imagine simple situation
When you created your reflection.
The guy who is the same as you:
There is no difference between you two.

You talk, you walk, you breathe the same
It is so weird, it seems insane.
That guy knows everything you know
And feels sensations of your soul.

And now assume just for a moment
That everybody is your life's component.
Assume that everybody is the same
It will be super boring game.
The clothe, the actions the desires
Will have no taste, no flavors and no styles.

That's why I want you to remind
Of your uniqueness you've designed.
You are a special person in this world
Just keep in mind that, and feel bold.

The universe is waiting for your voice
It wants your heart to make that choice.
You have a value to contribute
This is a powerful attribute.

Imagine now that you are free
To show how cool a life can be.
Express yourself with creativity
Make people dazzled of a possibility
To have a courage to be different
To refuse copy and be infinite.

Because when you allow yourself a freedom
You can share message that is needed.
I want to hold your hand and say:
Just be yourself in the unique way.

Create new brand, a new lifestyle
Design YOUR life, it is YOUR trial.
Remember, you're better than you think
Believe in that idea and you will not sink.

Yes, others may not understand
Your path, your journey, and your raised hand.
It is okay that they will judge and point out
Because when you address the novelty, the people are freaked out.

But isn't that the part of our purpose
To be unique to make a greater service?
Think, act, behave and be courageous,
You live life ones, it is intended to be precious.

Created: Oct 22, 2015