What is the reason why you work?
"Because I have to", did I guess your thought?
I just can't understand idea
Of why we work in such a sphere
Where we don't use our heart and soul
Instead, we tend to pick another role.

The role that offered by our parents
Our friends, our neighbors, or just complete strangers.
We could've chosen our desire in this world
But others made this road so blurred.

We build huge powerful careers
Sometimes just for the sake of salary that is 6 figures.
We go for things that do not matter
That's why we have to write a brand new chapter:
A chapter where we WORK BECAUSE WE WANT TO.
It is a choice that you can absolutely get through.

I know that this may not be true for all of us
But the majority feel this in their guts.
They know that their passion is so much creative.
Hence, here is a question - what's the reason of you waiting?

Created: Jun 14, 2016